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Resplendent in a history that dates back to the times of the Mughal rulers in India, much of the Kashmir Valley is scattered with gardens and places which are relics of the rich architectural heritage.
        Department of Floriculture Anantnag feels immense pleasure to carry out the developmental and maintenance work of different gardens, parks and tourist places of district Anantnag, besides department is actively involved for development of floriculture on commercial lines by not only providing technical guidance but also financial assistance to registered flower growers.

Development and maintenance of gardens and parks:
        Anantnag District is in southern sector of Jehlum Valley. It is because of its rejuvenating climate, the inspiring majesty, its lofty mountains, the melodious flow of sweet waters of its spring and streams , fertile soil, fragrant flowers and delicious fruits that the district has come to be synonymous with greatness. Anantnag enjoys unique geographical feature that have it one of the most sought tourist destinations all of which offer you a unique experience. And what’s more, each of these charming destinations is only one to two hour drive from the other.

       Gardens, Parks and tourist destinations maintained and developed by department of Floriculture Anantnag.
1. Padshahi bagh Bijbehara.
The town of Bijbehara is situated in the north of Anantnag on the banks of Jhelum River popularly known here as “Veth”. It is one of the notable town of the district. It is approximately 8 kilometers to the north of Anantnag town. Padshahi bagh is located on left side of Srinagar-Jammu national highway at bijbehara. The Garden comprises of 25 chinars, including the oldest chinar of the sub –continent. The garden spread over an area of 36 and a half Kanals of land is separated from the famous Mughal Garden laid by Dara Shikwa eldest son of Emperor Shah Jehan. The river Jhelum which is spanned by a bridge known as “Padshai Bagh Bridge” thus connecting the two gardens.   


2. Mughal Garden Achabal
          Achabal is situated at a distance of 8 km from the district Head quarter of               Anantnag. Achabal served as the pleasure retreat of the Mughal empress Nur Jehan, the wife of Emperor Jahangir and one of the most charismatic empresses of the Mughal Era. Situated at a height of 1,677 m, with an area of 68 kanals Achabal is a visual treat for the eyes. A tour to Achabal is the perfect way to witness the charming Mughal architecture. Laid following the Persian style of gardening, one of the most popular styles of the Mughal era, the Garden is a riot of colors while sparkling waters gush out of exquisitely designed fountains. The garden which is built on the foot of a hill is surrounded by a spell binding array of tall chinar trees, which add a special touch of regality to the still stately Mughal Garden at Achabal.Built in 1620 and later remodeled between 1634-1640 by Shah Jahan’s daughter Jahan Aara, Achabal garden is segmented into three terraces, with a central water steam along the north-south axis that features three fountain basins. Remainings of a hamam a bathing place which is an example of Mughal architecture can be seen in second terrace of the garden. The third terrace is also the most private part of the garden; named the Zenana(harem or women’s) garden, it has a rectangular water tank flanked by two small square pavilions. This water tank was used as a woman’s bathing pool. At this point, water from the central water spring also feeds side channels, running parallel to the axial water stream.
    A tour to Achabal during autumn is made even more special when these Chinar Trees turn red; evoking images of beauty that remain with you ages after your holiday in Jammu and Kashmir is over.

3. Mughal Garden Verinag:
       A beautiful Garden laid again by Mughals in 1620 allows Verinag spring water to dance out from its lawns for river Jehlum to originate. The place is about 26 Kms from Anantnag town. Lofty chinars, kail and deodar jungle nearby and variety of flowers, plant material with lush green lawns add grace to this jungle garden having an area of 68.5 kanals. The spring has circular double storey enclosure with entry and exit and a circular path inside laid with Devri stones.

4. Botanical Garden Kokernag:  
       The Pleasure garden of serene beauty against the backdrop of high and thick pine forests on about 525 kanals of land in front of the famous spring of pure, cool mineral water. Lawns have been laid with ornamental plants, trees, bushes, roses, as well as flora from the wild niches of higher range has been planted.  The garden is situated about 25 km south-east of Anantnag, and has the pride of having the largest fresh water spring in Kashmir. Situated at an altitude of 2021 m above sea level , Kokernag is a collection of many small springs and their collective appearance resembles to the claws of a koker. Hence its name,. Koker means fowl”    and Nag means” serpent”. The spring gushes out of the base of a thickly wooden hill from where it divides into channels, which resembles to the claw-foot of a hen. A separate section comprising of wild flora of the valley is maintained in this garden. Modern effects like rosary, Japanese bridges over the gushing water stream, water ponds, topiary work etc. are points of attraction in the garden.

5. Mid Way Park Akad:
Akad is a village on way to Pahalgam approximately 18 km from Anantnag town. This park lies enroute to Pahalgam from Anantnag. This park is spread over an area of 18 kanals and is ideally located on the bank of gushing stream and commands the panoramic view of the distant Pahalgam mountain range. As it has become an important stop for tourists so department has already initiated extension of the park and has acquired land for the purpose.  

6.  Ashmuqam park:
Ashimuqam village lies half way on Anantnag-Pahalgam road. Ashimuqam park lies on the right side of the road, with an area of 22 kanals. The park has three terraces and variety of ornamental trees, bushes and flowers.

7.  Pahalgam Parks:
             Pahalgam is a town in Anantnag district which has become a popular tourist destination. This world famous hill station is 45 Kms. from the District Head Quarter at Anantnag and located on the banks of river Lidder at an altitude of 7200ft. from sea level. Besides tourist huts, several hotels in private sector have come up here and these hotels provide modern facilities to their guests. A number of treks in this region also begin from Pahalgam, as the 35 km trail traverses through to pinewoods to the spectacular Kolahoi Glacier.
             Department of Floriculture maintains 8 parks at this tourist destination, so as to provide serene and calm environment to tourists visiting Pahalgam. All these parks have a wealth of ornamental trees, bushes, roses, variety of flowers which enchant every person visiting there.

The important parks maintained by Department of Floriculture includes:

  1. Poshwan park
  2. Lidder  view park
  3. Island park
  4. Club park
  5. Nehru park
  6. Masjid park
  7. Bobby hut park

    Besides department is providing full technical guidance to Pahalgam Development Authority for maintaining different tourist destinations under their jurisdiction.
Other parks maintained by Department of Floriculture in District Anantnag are:

  1. Sheirbagh Anantnag
  2. Cafeteria park Achabal
  3. Front Park Achabal
  4. Mattan Park, Mattan Anantnag

Commercial Floriculture in District Anantang

           Although flowers have been grown in district Anantnag since centuries but commercialization of flowers is quite a new conception to the area. District Anantang which is the important district of South Kashmir is very rich in water and has a pride of having world famous Mughal Gardens like Dara Shikwa Mughal Garden Bijbehara, Verinag and Achabal Gardens in addition to Botanical Garden Kokernag and mostly visited Pahlagam tourist spot.
        In addition to having a wealth of flora and fauna in high reaches of Kokernag and Pahalgam hills, flowers have been cultivated in Mughal and other Gardens and Parks of the area for years together.
        Like other parts of valley, people of this district were not attracted towards growing of flowers on commercial lines. Even during last two decades when people in other parts of India were making lacs and crores of Rupees by growing flowers, farmers of this district confined their farming for growing rice, maize and potatoes.
        Department of Floriculture after creating Model Floriculture Centre in Cheshmashahi Srinagar, started motivating the farmers of the valley to shift towards growing of flowers on commercial lines. Although in a small way but growers of District Srinagar took the lead in growing flowers and were followed by a little number of farmers from District Budgam.
       In 2007-08 some (36) growers having land holding of (4) kanals and above were selected from this District, they were motivated to grow flowers, were registered with the Department, and assistance worth Rs. 13500/= was given to each. Although (36) farmers in question got a good yield of gladioli flowers of great quality but because of unfavorable circumstances in the valley much produce could not reach the market, farmers got discouraged and overall results remained below the level of satisfaction.
      During 2008-09 team of officers head quartered at Srinagar again made an attempt to motivate the growers of this district to grow flowers but much could not be done. However one grower from Tehsil Shangus got motivated to grow flowers on commercial lines under controlled conditions.The grower in question was encouraged to erect 900 Sq.mts of poly houses, for which Department provided an assistance of Rs.2,92,500/=. The grower has concentrated on production of lillies in controlled conditions and is marketing his produce in  Delhi and is doing a good business.
       During 2009-10, the department de-centralized the activity and authority to register the growers and sanction the assistance was given to concerned District Floriculture officer of the districts.

During the year in this district Department helped 09 growers for ornamental seed production under area expansion for 31 kanals. Farmers were also helped to take production of ornamental plants on commercial lines and this  way two small ornamental nurseries with an assistance of Rs.3.00 lacs got established.
                 Valuing the importance of creating infrastructure for commercialization of floriculture, the installation of polyhouses continued and during the year 02 farmers were assisted for erecting hi-tech polyhouses while as 09 farmers were helped to erect 400 sq.mts of low cost polyhouse. During the year a total assistance of Rs.5,47,795=00 was provided to 22 farmers of the district. In addition to producing cut flowers mostly lillies for Delhi market, carnations and gladioli were sold in local market. A good quantity of ornament seeds were produced and sold in neighbouring State.
        During 2010-11 it was decided to concentrate on Human Resource Development in addition to other components under Technology Mission.

  As such out of the registered flower growers of this district 29 were provided training from local KVK centers while as 32 were send outside the state for better know how about growing of flowers. To ensure that farmers take to quality production of flowers, attention was also given towards assisting farmers for arranging quality germ plasm and during the year 11 growers were assisted to purchase high value plant material for 1997 sq.mts. of polyhouses. While as 09 farmers were assisted to erect 1493 sq.mts of high tech polyhouses, 07 farmers preferred assistance for 500 sq.mts of low cost polyhouse. Eight (08) farmers took to production of ornamental plants and were assisted for developing small ornamental nurseries over 33.5 kanals of land.

 Five (05) farmers were assisted for creating water sources at their ornamental farms. Ninety farmers choose to go for seed production and cosmos and other flower seeds were grown on 210.5 kanals of land and for the purpose an assistance of 7.10 lacs was provided by the Department. In total an assistance of Rs.30.57 lacs was provided to the flower growers of the district during the year.
       As far as production of ornamentals in this district during the year is concerned, the results were encouraging. Not only quantals of ornamental seeds (especially cosmos) were produced, but thousands of spikes especially lillies (Asiatic and Oriental) were produced and sold in Delhi markets. Gladioli and carnation  spikes produced were sold in local market.
       In 2011-12 the process of motivating farmers to shift to growing of flowers on commercial lines continued and 103 growers were registered with the department.

 76 growers were assisted by an amount of Rs. 5,87,244/= for growing flowers in open on an area of 174 kanals. 14 growers adopted to controlled condition flower growing and erected 2461 Sq.Mts of high tech Poly house for which Department provided an assistance of Rs. 11,50,518/= . An assistance of Rs. 1,28,750/= was released in favour of 5 registered growers of the district for erecting 500 Sq.Mts of Low Cost Poly house .12 growers were assisted by an amount of Rs. 8,26,800/= for erecting 2756 Sq.Mts of Shade net house . out of growers who had erected Poly houses/Shade net houses, 19 were assisted by an amount of Rs 5.50 lacs for purchase of high value plant material for an area of 3000 Sq.Mts.
Three growers took to development of small/nurseries spread over an area of 14 kanals and an assistance of Rs. 2,18,751/= was released in their favour. During the year 5 growers were assisted by an amount of Rs. 1,02,992/= for creating water sources (Dug Wells) in their farms while as 2 growers purchased Sprayers with departmental assistance of Rs. 15,950/=.
    The overall growth and production of ornamentals in the district during the year is an indicator that in near future this will be progressive district of the state in the circles of Commercial Floriculture. 

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"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
-Gerald De Nerval

"Flowers bring to a liberall and gentlemanly minde the remembrance of honestie, comelinesse and all kindes of virtues."
- John Gerard

"Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you".
-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi