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Gardens  & Parks of District Baramulla

Jammu and Kashmir is famous worldwide for its natural scenic beauty. Its gardens have attracted the tourists from all across the world.
Kashmir has rightly been referred to as the paradise on earth because of its natural beauty. It is no wonder that Kashmir has a historical garden tradition. The department of Floriculture is striving to keep the tradition alive by maintaining the old existing gardens and also developing new sites for tourist attraction.
In district Baramulla and Bandipora many parks both old and new are maintained by Floriculture Department Kashmir:

  1. Hospital Park Tangmerg:- The Park comprises the premises of Tangmerg Hospital on Srinagar Tangmerg road and extends over the area of 216 kanals.

  2. G. P. O. Park-I:- The park has an area of 20 kanals lies near bus stand on left side of the main road from Srinagar to Tangmerg.

  3. G. P. O. Park-II:- Also lies on the main road on left side having an area of 12 kanals.

  4. G. P. O. Park-III:- Park having an area of 5-7 kanals lies near bus stand on left side of main road.

  5. Kunzer Park:- Has an area of 22 kanals. Lies on right side of the main road from Srinagar to Tangmerg.

  6. Wusan Park:- 1.5 meters away from Srinagar-Tangmerg road in Wusan village, park has an area of 7-12 kanals.

  7. Utkoo Park:- About 2 kms away from main road in Utkoo village having an area of 9 kanals the park is under development.

  8. Hariwatnu Park:- 3 kms. away from main road in village Hariwatnu. Having an area of 14-13 kanals.

  9. Club Park Gulmerg:- lying near Gulmerg Club. Having an area of 12-18 kanals.

  10. Bus Stand Park:- There are three parks near bus stand Gulmerg. Having a total area of 24.16 kanals

  11. CM’s Hut Park Gulmerg:- Having an area of 7.17 kanals situated in main  Gulmerg.

  12. Guest House Gulmerg (Manaraja Palace):- In Gulmerg with an area of 34 kanlas

  13. Watergam Park:- Having an area of 8 kanals. The park is under development.

  14. Zanana Park Jetty Baramulla:- The park is recently developed with an area of 40 kanals lies in Baramulla town near Jehlum river bank in Jetty area of  Baramulla.

In addition to the maintenance of the above said parks in district Baramulla, department of Floriculture is looking commercial Floriculture where centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) are progressively implemented under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY), Technology Mission and ATMA. 163 people are registered as flower grower under the centrally sponsored scheme these registered growers are given incentives under different programmes such as area expansion, flower cultivation under controlled conditions (poly green houses), shade net houses, wooden structures, Nurseries and different training/exposure visit within District/state and outside the state.


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"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
-Gerald De Nerval

"Flowers bring to a liberall and gentlemanly minde the remembrance of honestie, comelinesse and all kindes of virtues."
- John Gerard

"Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you".
-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi