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                   Budgam is one of the youngest districts of the state carved out  from the erstwhile District Srinagar in 1979 situated at an average altitude of 5281 ft above mean sea level and at 75o East Longitude and 34o North Latitude. This District was known as Deedmarbagh in ancient times.
                   The topography of the District  is  mixed with both mountainous and plain areas. The climate is of temperate type with the upper reaches receiving heavy snowfall in winter. The average annual rainfall is 585mm. Comprising of one Sub-division, six Tehsils Budgam, Beerwah, Chadoora, Khansahib, Khag and Chararisharif. The district has been divided into eight blocks namely Budgam, Beerwah, Chadoora, Khansahib, Khag, B.K. Pora, Narbal and Nagam which serve as prime units of economic development.
                   Budgam has been further sliced into 283 Panchayats comprising 509 villages.

District at a Glance:

Geographical Area  - 1371 Sq.Km  
Population - 7.35 Lacs  
Irrigated Area - 37451 Ha  
Cultivated Area - 53353 Ha  

                   The department of floriculture which was established in 1969 had no district level office in Budgam till October 2009. In October 2009 a District Level Office was established in District Budgam. The office is headed by District Floriculture Officer assisted  by  Assistant Floriculture Officer and a team of officials and field staff including Head Gardeners and Gardeners etc. Until recently the main activities of the floriculture department was to develop and maintain various parks / gardens in the district which are as under:


Brief history of the Parks:-

Kanir Park:
                   Kanir Park is located in Tehsil Chadoora of District Budgam about 14 Kms away from Budgam town. The area of the Garden is about 265 Kanals. There is the Shrine of Saint Habsha SahibRA located within the premises of the park. The park is located atop a Karewa and below the park at the base of Karewa is located a long cave know as Sheikh-ul-AlamRA’s cave. Presently the Kanir park is being upgraded and renovated. A big water channel with fountains playing in it is being constructed all along the middle of the park to give it a festive look to attract more and more  local people and tourists.

Dreygam park:
                  Dreygam Park is located in Tehsil Khansahib of District Budgam which is about 11 Kms from Budgam town. In the park is the Shrine of Sheikh Noor-ud-din NooraniRA. It is said that the Saint Noor-ud-din NooraniRA   has stayed here for about twelve years meditating and offering prayers. In the shrine there are the relics like Asa Sharif(Stick), Tasbih (Beeds) and Mortar belonging to the said Saint. Adjacent to the shrine is  a big Idgah for offering Idd Nimaz which is also being maintained by the Department of Floriculture. There are about seven huge chinars in the Iddgah believed to be about 600 years old. Also a small spring is housed in the Iddgah.

Dak Banglow  Charar-e-Sharif:
                   The lawns of the Majestic Guest House located near the shrine of Saint Noor-ud-din NooraniRA are being maintained by the Floriculture Department. It is located in Tehsil Charar-e-Sharif of District Budgam and is about 25 Kms away from  Budgam town. People/tourists visiting Charar-e-Sharif prefer to stay here for a brief period, even some like to stay overnight and enjoy the scenery / beauty of this beautiful town.

Pond Parks:
                   Besides two pond parks adjacent to the Shrine of Saint Noor-ud-din Noorani (RA) are also being maintained by the Department.

Airport Lawns:
                   The Srinagar International Airport is located in District Budgam. It is about 7 Kms from Budgam town. The lawns of this beautiful and splendid Airport are being maintained by the Department of Floriculture. The central verge from Hyderpora to Airport drop gate is also maintained by the Department of Floriculture.
                   Besides, some more parks like Kremshore park, Nowpora Park, Delipora Park, Shah-e-Hamdan park all in Tehsil Chadoora, Jamia Masjid Ichgam, Imam Bara Ichgam, Imam Bara Budgam, Townhall Beerwah are being developed and maintained by the Department of Floriculture.

Bihshti Zohra Park:
                   Bihishti Zohra Park is situated in the Budgam Town itself. It is having an area of 14 Kanals and is one of the best and beautifully maintained parks of the district. Recently one walk-in-cold room has been installed in the park for providing cold room facility to the commercial flower growers of the Budgam district.

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"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
-Gerald De Nerval

"Flowers bring to a liberall and gentlemanly minde the remembrance of honestie, comelinesse and all kindes of virtues."
- John Gerard

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