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Kulgam is 2nd main district after Anantnag in southern sector of Jhelum Valley. It is because of its rejuvenating climate, the inspiring majesty, and its lofty mountains, the melodious flow sweet waters of its streams, fertile soil, fragrant flowers and delicious fruits that the district is considered the best tourist destination.
Department of Floriculture in district Kulgam has a two pronged approach one is development and maintenance work of different parks and tourist places and second is development of floriculture on commercial lines by not only providing technical guidance but also provides financial assistances to registered flower growers.

Development and maintenance of Parks.
Kulgam is picturesque place nesting on the bank of river Vaishow across the wide spread of which are foothills of great peer Panchal Mountains.
Department of Floriculture is maintaining one park at Chawalgam .The park is spread over an area of 25 kanals. The park is very charming and worth seeing planted with ornamental trees, shrubs, roses and a variety of flowers.
Besides department is actively involved in development and maintenance of Mini-Secretariat lawns at Kulgam. Which has been recently taken into hands and given a beautiful look by planting different ornamental plants and shrubs.At present the parks and lawns developed and maintaining by the department are given as under:-


Name of the Park

Area Developed

Field staff strength





Chawlgam Park

25 Kanals





Ashmuji Park

20 Kanals



Under development


Mini-Secretariat Lawns

30 Kanals



Developed this year


Lawns at Official Residence of D C

08 Kanals




             District Kulgam is a newly created district that came into existence after being carved out from district Anantnag and made functional administratively with effect from 2nd April, 2007. Since Kulgam is the place where there is much potential to increase the flow of tourists and can emerge one of the best destination for tourism industry, the government has diverted attention towards development of maximum possible area available in the district. During board meetings various demands have been put for development of parks, and action taken report is mentioned here under. 
Action taken report for development of different Parks in District Kulgam


Name of the Park


Action taken/ present status



Chawalgam Park

25 K

Works completed/Developed and Park maintained

Hon’ble C.M,s Direction
in 2003


Ashmuji Park


Fenced, earth filling under process.

Board Decision   2010-11


Behi-bagh Park


Land identified,transferred to this department. DPR submitted by concerned Engineer

Board Decision


D.H Pora Park
(Near play ground)


Land has been identified, formulation of DPR under process.

Demand of
Hon’ble Minister
(Social Welfare, ARI /Trg.)


Town Hall
Park Devsar


Land identified, transfer of land from Municipal committee under process which is state land under the control of M.C (Devsar)

Demand of
(Mohd Amin Bhat)


Kund Mod Park


Land identified which is state land situated on the road leading to village Kund. Being a small piece of land and on road side will come under road widening in near future, thus is not feasible for development of Park.

Demand of Ex MLC (Mohd Amin Bhat)

Commercial Floriculture Activities:
The department of floriculture functions with the objectives of building a prosperous Kulgam through scientific development of floriculture by harnessing the natural resources for the development of a sustainable system of floriculture. The pragmatic policies for the development of Floriculture of the state, government combined with their adoption by the farmers will result in transformation of the floriculture industry of district Kulgam.
Department has already addressed to the objectives in the district and have registered 209 growers interested in growing flowers on commercial lines.
Although department initiated assisting flower growers from the district (then part of district Anantnag) since 2007-08, but development of infrastructure for growing cut flowers started since 2009-10 when one high tech and one low cost poly house were erected  in the district.
During 2010-11 it was decided to improve the knowhow of the growers and 30 were trained in the KVK centre of the district, while as 22 were send outside the state for the purpose. Creation of infra-structure in private sector continued and one high tech and two low cost  poly houses were erected by three flower growers of the district with an assistance of Rs. 1,21,625/= from the department. During the financial year i.e, 2010-11 two farmers of the district with an assistance of Rs. 85,938/= developed two small ornamental nurseries on an area of 5.5 Kanals of land. Two farmers were helped for purchase of high value plant material for 250 sq. Meters of poly houses with an assistance of Rs. 62,500/=.
2011-12 to 2014-15 in addition to training of farmers at KVK centre of the district, 280 farmers were also trained in other districts of the state. 40 farmers of the district were send for training purpose outside the state. Tubular poly house with an assistance of Rs. 2323475/= were erected on 4990 Sq.Meters of land, while as 790 Sq. Meters were brought under low cost poly houses and 3676 Sq. Meters under shade Net houses with an assistance of Rs. 203425/= and Rs.1210800/= respectively. 20 progressive flower growers of the district were encouraged to grow high value flowers on an area of 2600 Sq. Meters under cover for which an assistance of Rs. 6.50 lacs were provided by the department.  An assistance of Rs. 437502/= was also released in favour of 8 flower growers for developing 8 small ornamental nurseries in the district.
From production side also the year remained good and 11000 lilium bulbs were sold by a single grower to other farmers against a consideration of Rs 1.10 lacs. In addition more than 15500 of lillium cut flowers and more than 5000 were send to Delhi market.
During last few years most of the people especially young generation is showing interest in growing of flowers as their trade and emerging as a successful source of livelihood for small farmers and educated unemployed youth.  Floriculture has adopted because of the various advantages associated with it, such as it generated faster income compared to tree- based farming, and management is easier, not to forget the permanent income opportunity from selling the flowers. With implementation of Horticulture Mission in J&K State there has been a significant improvement in production, which has ultimately resulted in changing the financial scenario of the farming community. Besides economic upliftment, Horticulture Mission has directly and indirectly contributed for social reforms. The success story reflected hereunder justifies it all.
This is the story of Mr. FIRDOUS AHMAD MIR, from a Poniwah village of district KULGAM. He started his farming as an ordinary fruit and vegetable grower but gradually diversified to floriculture. Today, he is one of the most successful growers of flowers of the District.  Being a lover of flowers, he nursed an ambition of transforming his prime agricultural land into a floral garden. In spite of the idea being far-fetched at that point in time, he embarked on this journey of raising a flower nursery in the year 2008. Later on, Firdous approached the Department of Floriculture for assistance and technical guidance and he was registered with the Department in same year against registration number as Kulgam-08/604. It was in the year 2009 and 2010 that the Department gave him different types of flower seeds and he raised them successfully in his field. This initial venture was a runaway success and this boosted his confidence to start growing cut flowers. This venture also became very successful, the demand for his produce increased and he could command a premium from the customers. Through the Technology Mission Scheme, Firdous received assistance as per guidelines, to the tune of Rs. 15 lakhs from the Department of Floriculture in the form of Polyhouses, Shadenet houses , High Value Planting Materials and ornamental nursery during 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. His sincerity, dedication and hard work paid off when the Department assisted him with a Fan and Pad polyhouses in the year 2012 for raising Lilies, Carnations, Gerberas and other flowers.  He vigorously attended advanced level training programs within state and outside state in Krishi Vigyan Kendras and other Agriculture Institutes. These exposure trips broadened his outlook and his confidence level increased. He became more enterprising while his desire to acquire the latest know-how and technology also grew. He was trained by departmental officials on various techniques of flower nursery management and simultaneously he set up an ornamental nursery in 2012 for which Department of Floriculture provided financial assistance. He managed to raise a large quantity of planting materials. Since Firdous owns a good Commercial Floriculture unit, and to make it more successful and sustainable it was deemed necessary to provide him financial assistance to set up his own water source and vermicomposting pit in the years 2013 and 2014 respectively. It was very interesting to note that he had also developed a good marketing network, where he market his produce such as flower seedlings, cut flowers and ornamental plants. Besides he has got business contracts and is actively involved in landscaping of parks in both government and private sector throughout the state.   The Department frequently invites him to share his experiences and success story during various training programmes. Recently Firdous set up a small Tulip garden of his land for an area of about 01 kanal and 15 marlas in District Kulgam and has grown about eight  leading varieties of Tulips viz. white dream, Sapporo, yokohama, pretty woman, inzell, seadov, pleasure, and fusor. which attracted tourists and general public in good numbers.
This endeavor of his signifies the importance of growing public demand of having such tulip garden in high altitude areas of Kashmir, like Kokernag, Kulgam, Pahalgam,etc in order to enhance the  festival of tulips and provide the people much more colourful fields of tulips at these places after it ends its bloom at Cheshmashahi, thus extending the season to enjoy and attract more tourists from outside the state.  



Incentive Provided For


Incentive Amount (Rs)



4 Kanals



Area Expansion

3 kanals


Training within district

1 day



Poly house Tubular

148 sqm


Poly house Wooden

100 sqm


High value plant material

180 sqm


Training within state

8 days



Ornamental Nursery

4.5 kanals


Fan and Pad Polyhouse

908 sqm


Poly house Tubular

448 sqm


Shade net house tubular

894 sqm


High value plant material

200 sqm


Training within state

1 day



High value plant material

200 sqm


Dug Well

1 no.


Exposure visit within district

2 days


Training outside state (Nagpur)

7 days





Vermi compost Unit

1 unit

(Incentive amount yet to be given)

High value Plant Material

700 sqm



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"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature."
-Gerald De Nerval

"Flowers bring to a liberall and gentlemanly minde the remembrance of honestie, comelinesse and all kindes of virtues."
- John Gerard

"Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you".
-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi